Tips to lower your energy bill this winter

Tips to lower your energy bill this winter

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Summer is long gone, but winter is just around the corner which means some people might start thinking about switching from air conditioning to heat inside their homes.

Vectren officials say that this fall provides a chance to make sure your AC and furnace are running at peak proficiency and to make a plan for the coming cold weather.

“The cheapest form of energy is the energy you don’t use," said Natalie Hedde the Director of Corporate Communications for Vectren. "Some customers like to turn that heat on and just have the nicety of knowing that it’s there are ready to use when they want. Other customers can be a little more energy-efficient and use things like opening the windows. It’s a nice time of year during these shoulder months between seasons to be able to enjoy the fresh air.”

Vectren officials say things like limiting the time in the shower, adjusting your thermostat so that it’s colder when you go to bed, and wearing warm clothes indoors so you can keep the temperature lower, are all ways to save money when the cold weather comes.

“Every situation is unique so every customer is different in the way they choose to manage their energy bills and the way they use, right, the energy that they do consume,” said Hedde. “We want people to be comfortable, and comfort for each person is something different.”

One suggestion that Vectren officials say everyone can follow is sitting down and creating an energy plan; budgeting out how much it will take to heat your homes and keep you comfortable so that you know what to expect.

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