Kentucky Wesleyan Football still winless

Kentucky Wesleyan Football still winless

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - The Panthers are off to a winless start on the football field through six weeks of play.

While the first three games of the team’s four games were decided by a touchdown or less, In KWC’s last two games the team has been outscored 97-19.

In his first season as the Panther’s head coach, Craig Yeast still has optimism surrounding the last five regular-season games.

However, Yeast said it’s still up to his team to buy-in and make the changes necessary to get that first win.

“I think everybody had to look in the mirror after this week and decide on whether we’re gonna be all in on Kentucky Wesleyan football or not, and if you’re all in you’re gonna work hard and I think the majority of our young men this morning came out, and they worked hard and I’m proud of that," Yeast said. "I think we still have some guys that still need to learn that they need to work in order to play, nobody is gonna get anything especially at Kentucky Wesleyan, and we gotta earn it. Right now, we just need to learn how to earn winning, and it’s hard.”

So Craig Yeast and the Panthers will look to earn that first win Saturday afternoon. Kentucky Wesleyan hosts 3-2 Ohio Dominican at Steele Stadium for 1 p.m.

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