More Kentuckians eligible for criminal record expungement

More Kentuckians eligible for criminal record expungement

KENTUCKY (WFIE) - Changes to a Kentucky law mean more people with criminal records are eligible for expungement, the clearing of a person’s criminal record.

Community leaders hope this means more Kentuckians will be eligible to enter the workforce.

According to the Kentucky Court of Justice, the state has expanded the number of Class D felonies people can have expunged from their criminal records.

A bill passed earlier this year will help people with non violent and non sexual Class D felonies have their records cleared. You can apply for an expungement five years after you finish your incarceration or completed the terms of you probation or parole.

Henderson city leaders say they have not seen many people take advantage of this new law. Mayor Steve Austin says with jobs available in the community, this gives someone a second chance, and also helps build up the local work force.

“We need good workers that, you know, maybe they’ve made a mistake five years ago, but they’re clear since then. We want to put those people to work. There’s companies in Henderson, Evansville, Owensboro that would like to put those people to work,” said Mayor Austin.

Mayor Austin says the first step people need to take if they want to seek expungement is to reach out to their local commonwealth attorney.

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