Change to EPD hiring process not approved at Merit Board meeting

Change to EPD hiring process not approved at Merit Board meeting

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The Evansville Police Merit board heard a selection process proposal Monday at their meeting.

It could speed up the process of bringing qualified applicants to the department more quickly, but a motion made to vote on the matter died because there was no second.

The proposal addresses various portions of the hiring process, including initial application acceptance, physical assessment, an interview board of at least four members, interview pre-screening, interview, and candidate eligibility.

The goal is to hire the best and most qualified and to hire people, not a score.

“Under the current process, an individual comes into a board and they only know him or her as applicant 19-198. They don’t know their work history," said Sgt. Doug Schneider. "If that candidate doesn’t bring that information up, relevant information to make a hiring decision they walk away, and it could be a good candidate that just walks away, that we’ve missed out on. And we don’t have that knowledge because of this process.”

Sgt. Schneider says this would help the department be more competitive on the law enforcement market. The next merit board meeting is on the 28th. The city council would have to adopt these changes.

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