98th Fall Festival comes to an end

98th Fall Festival comes to an end

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The Fall Festival has come to an end with the Nut Club’s first-ever half pot far exceeding expectations.

The winning ticket was 2-6-2-9-8-8-4, and whoever had that number will split $1,228,285 with the Nut Club, winning $614,142.50 before taxes.

Even though there was only one winner Saturday night, for many in the Tri-State, just being a part of the drawing and buying a ticket was a reward in itself.

Nancy Myers has lived in Evansville her whole life said this year’s Fall Festival was like none she’s been to before.

“I think the one thing this year that was really really wonderful was that pot,” said Nancy.

The West Side Nut Club half pot reached 1.2 million dollars in just 6 days! People stood in line for hours to get a chance to win half the money.

The parade was also a big success, filled with dancers, the Hadi Shriners and community first responders.

“The best part was getting the candy when they threw it out that was a big thing for us back then,” said Nancy.

More than 100 booths were at the fall festival, made up of non-profits raising money for their organizations.

Some booths even donated money to a West Side Nut Club member who had to be hospitalized after an accident earlier this week.

“I thought that was so generous and awesome,” said Nancy.

It was a Fall Festival filled with good food, acts of kindness, and one-pot overflowing with money.

Even though we have about a year until the next one, one thing is for sure, there will be food and there will be another half pot winner in 2020.

“With this kind of excitement it generated as well as the ability for us to help more, I can only imagine it will be on our radar next year as well,” said West Side Nut Club member Eddie Dietz.

The winner of the Fall Festival half pot has one month to claim the prize. If no one comes forward by November 12, it will be donated to a charity voted on by the West Side Nut Club.

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