Fall Festival Half Pot to benefit community

Fall Festival Half Pot to benefit community

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The half pot keeps climbing. As of Friday at10:32 p.m., it passed $896,000.

Half of that money will go to benefit organizations around the community.

West Side Nut Club’s Ed Dietz said they traditionally fundraise at the festival through t-shirt sales, rides and booth fees. That brings in up to $400 thousand total. They said they then give away a large chunk of that at their Founders Day.

With this year’s new half pot, Dietz said they will possibly double what they’re usually able to give back.

“It opens up our possibilities because when the funds start running out, and we give away all of our money well before the year is up,” Dietz said. “When the funds start running out, we still have requests coming in. And instead of pushing them off until the next year, maybe this allows us to take a couple others on. There’s no way to know that until we kind of watch and monitor where our monies are going, but we’re very excited about the opportunities this is going to provide.”

Now the new half pot is benefiting groups right now, because of people coming down here and buying tickets, they’re seeing sales boosts at the food booths here at the festival.

“We’ve had several people come up and say, ‘you know we just stopped only to buy a half pot ticket?’,” said Melissa Bullock, member of Howell United Methodist Church who has a booth at the festival. “And then they’ve made some purchases so its been fun.”

Ticket sales will stop at 2 p.m. Saturday and will announce the winner after the parade.

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