Shalom Yeshua Ministries builds Sukkot

Shalom Yeshua Ministries builds Sukkot

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - In Judaism, Sukkot, or the feast of tabernacles, is a pilgrimage holiday that begins on Sunday.

The holiday is celebrated by first building a Sukkah, which is a hut-like structure that the Jewish people lived-in during the 40 years of travel after their exodus from Egypt.

The Jewish people eat in the Sukkah for eight days during the duration of the holiday.

Folks at Shalom Yeshua Ministries are building their own Sukkah to celebrate all week.

“You’re supposed to go into the Sukkah, wave palm branches before god as a sign of worship," explains Shalom Yeshua Ministries Congregational Leaders Donna Carick. "You have your meals together. We decorate it with bedsheets we drape them over the walls so it makes it look like we’re in a tent. We have the gramed roof and this year we cover it with bamboo. Some people will go out to campgrounds living together with their small communities with all the sukkot set up. Some of them their sukkot is their campers.”

The Sukkah celebration lasts all week until next Sunday.

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