Mayor Winnecke accepts more than $750k for road projects

Mayor Winnecke accepts more than $750k for road projects

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Governor Eric Holcomb was in Evansville Thursday for the presentation of nearly $100 million in funding for road construction projects to more than 200 Indiana communities.

It’s part of his Next Level roads initiative.

It felt like payday for many communities across southern Indiana as 15 of them walked away with checks, including Evansville.

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke accepted more than $750,000. Mayor Winnecke says this money will help speed up some road projects on the list.

For cities with a population of more than 50,000, it’s a 50/50 match. Less than 50,000 drops it to a 75-25 ratio.

This will all help connect the dots across the state.

“Understanding that Evansville is stronger when the small communities in maybe two or three counties away are also thriving," explains Governor Holcomb. "Different strokes for different folks. Some people like to work in big city, but live in a small town. This helps us do that. This helps us not just with travel and traffic safety, but efficiency, swiftness of travel and connectivity of all those modes of travel.”

The governor tells us he spent some time with Mayor touring Evansville ahead of the announcement.

In all, Mayor Winnecke says the city has now received $1.7 million in community crossing dollars. He describes it as “a great help.”

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