Fall Festival booths raise money to help hospitalized Nut Club member

Fall Festival booths raise money to help hospitalized Nut Club member

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Booths across the Fall Festival are coming together to raise money for West Side Nut Club member Grant Johnson.

Johnson, who is in the hospital, fell from an ATV while running errands during the festival earlier week.

Many booths are donating an hour of proceeds to Johnson and his family.

Media Representative Eddie Dietz told us members were running errands when Johnson slipped off the ATV behind the main stage and hurt his head. While his condition is still unknown the community is rallying to help him.

Scott and Jane Schenk made sure all the booths knew about their intention to donate money and many joined in on the cause.

“We’ve been around for over 102 years and our entire mission is based on the idea that we help those in need,” explains Adam Roth, Evansville Rescue Mission.

“Anything that the Johnson family needs or wants obviously we want to support that and we just think that’s an awesome event,” says Dietz.

Those in line for food were also happy to pitch in.

“Fantastic that they are donating that money to him,” Melanie Mahone, Fall Festival attendee, says.

“It’s always a good kind of love and that’s what we’re showing here,” says Keshonna Blane, Fall Festival attendee.

When we get an update on Johnson’s condition we will update this story.

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