USI basketball teams excited to play in new arena

USI Basketball on playing in new arena

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The excitement is ramping up for the USI Basketball Programs after very successful 2018 seasons.

The anticipation is especially high this season because the Screaming Eagles have a new arena.

The 90,000 square foot facility seats 4,800 fans and will be packed come this basketball season as those over at USI told 14 Sports that all but one floor seat have been sold for the upcoming year.

The Fans aren’t the only ones ready for the teams to hit the floor.

“Oh it’s very exciting, coming from the old PAC, of course, there is a lot of tradition in that old PAC, but it’s great to open up this big, nice facility," said Kobe Caldwell, senior guard/forward.

“The change over from the PAC coming over here to the new arena has been unbelievable," said Rick Stein, USI’s women’s coach. "And ya know, I had some hard sentiment going on with that PAC because that’s all I’d known for 30 years really, but boy this place will make you forget about it really quick.”3

“It’s really exciting, just knowing that what we’ve worked for, it’s finally here, so now we have to show up on this big stage and in front of all these faces out here, so it’s gonna be really exciting this year," said Mateo Rivera, junior guard.

“With the new arena, with what should be a really good team, with University of Evansville being really good as well, I think basketball is gonna be good," said Rodney Watson, USI’s men’s coach. "I think college basketball will be especially good in our city and I think we all feed off of one another, there’s just so many positive things going on with Evansville and we’re glad to be apart of it.”

Fans will have to wait just a little bit longer for the Screaming Eagles to hit the new floor.

Although volleyball has already stepped foot onto its court, the USI women will open the regular season at home on November 13 while the men face KWC on the 18th.

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