Residents: Semis not taking Hwy-60 detour causing concerns

Semis not taking Hwy-60 detour causing concerns

DAVIESS CO., Ky. (WFIE) - Overturned semi-trucks and accidents. That's what Stanley residents say is the result of drivers not following a marked detour.

“All of our local farmers that have grain semis they know how to navigate that road," said Stanley resident, Julia Campbell. “The people that do not live here that are ignoring the detour and using that road are causing at least nine semis to flip, a young lady hit a tractor head-on simply because she wasn’t paying attention and she’s not accustomed to the road.”

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet closed part of Highway 60 in Daviess County for road work. KTC official Todd Keith says they set up marked detour signs.

The detour is set up to take drivers around the Highway 60 construction to Highway 279 and then to the Audubon.

“And they’re doing their GPS instead of using the marked detour," said Campbell. “And it’s hazardous for us, it’s hazardous for them, its hazardous for those that drive the trains. It’s just a dangerous situation.”

Stanley neighbors say traffic has increased by almost 100 percent since construction road work started.

“People are blowing through stop signs and almost hitting kids and not paying attention, wrecking as you can see, tearing up property and there’s nothing being done about it," said Stanley resident, Jeremiah McFadden. “Someones gonna end up getting hurt or killed.”

Judge-Executive Al Mattingly says he has reached out to the sheriff.

“I talked to the sheriff this morning and they’re going to try to step up the patrol to make sure that people aren’t speeding up and down the road and those kinds of things," said Mattingly. “But in the end, it’s a public road.”

“We are a very welcoming community, but we do not welcome people that can cause us or themselves to be in danger," said Campbell. “Please use the detour and please lower your speeds so everyone stays safe.”

Officials from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet said the Highway 60 construction project should be done closer to the holiday season.

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