EVSC Foundation invests in Headstrong Concussion Program

EVSC Foundation invests in IHSAA's Headstrong Concussion Program

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - EVSC student-athletes now have an extra layer of coverage when it comes to paying for concussion treatment. The EVSC Foundation has invested in the IHSAA’s Headstrong Concussion Program.

If a student-athlete receives a concussion, this insurance program will cover whatever treatments cost that is not covered by that athlete’s primary insurance. If they do not have primary insurance, then this program will cover the costs as primary insurance.

EVSC Director of Athletics Andy Owen told 14 News he feels this is best for the kids. He said their athletic training staff is very good at educating athletes to recognize the signs and symptoms on the field. This funding will make sure those athletes are taken care of off the field when receiving treatment.

“We felt like, for our student-athletes, this is something we wanted to take advantage of to help them get back sooner and also ease the frustration of financial. You know, you need to go to rehab, you’ve got to go to the doctor. We don’t want anything financially to play a part in whether your son or daughter gets back onto the field," Owen said.

This program is only under a one year contract, but Owen said that after the school year, EVSC plans to re-evaluate and see how they can keep it going.

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