Half-pot clears $18,000 after first night of Fall Fest

Half pot clears $18,000 after first night of Fall Festival

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - This year the Nut Club was approved to organize a "Split the Pot’ where one lucky winner will walk away this weekend with half of what is raised. $18,000 was cleared on the first night.

They have booths set up in multiple locations down on Franklin Street where you can buy half-pot tickets, and they may be among the most popular booths this week.

They sold ticket after ticket as several thousand people cashed in for a chance split the pot.

“Just one, that’s all you need,” Jose Gomez laughed.

The running total is displayed both online and on TVs near the top of each of the four booths, and Nut Club members make sure to check the cash closely.

“We check any bill to make sure it is real using that pen,” Matt Wannemuehler, a former Fall Fest chairman explained. “And then for anything suspicious, if it has unfamiliar lettering or anything like that on there. The police have advised us what to look for on there.”

Nut Club leaders tell us their group was looking for a way to increase revenue in order to help a greater number of people. The half they retain will continue to help multiple non-profits and many local schools too.

“As well as potentially give money to organizations we haven’t given to in the past,” Wannemuehler added.

Those who participate get a ticket with their exclusive numbers. Then, seconds later, a twin ticket is printed in a secure location and dropped into a large bin where they will accumulate until it’s time to pick the winner.

You must be 18 to play.

The live drawing will be held Saturday night at 9 p.m. on the Bosse Stage.

The winner is not required to be present.

You can keep up with the half pot total here.

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