EPD discusses American Legion shooting, neighbors nervous after 5 shot

EPD discusses American Legion shooting, neighbors react

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - It was a violent Sunday in Evansville with three shootings, a total of 8 victims and only one arrest. It started Sunday morning with a shooting at the American Legion, but with police in the area, they were able to make an arrest within minutes.

A nearby officer heard the gunfire early Sunday morning at the American Legion as soon as it happened. With five people injured and a gunman on the run, every minute counts. The Evansville Police Department says the officer was patrolling the area for that very reason.

“There are certain areas where, when the clubs let out, we’ve had more 9-1-1 calls for disturbances in the parking lot, things like that. So, our officers know that’s where they need to be. In the areas where they’re probably going to be dispatched to anyways," said Sgt. Jason Cullum.

Minutes later, EPD arrested 37-year-old Keymo Johnson.

“Being able to catch somebody that quickly who has just shot five people is crucial for the community at large. The longer he’s out there, the further away he gets from that scene, the potential danger is still there and can increase," said Sgt. Cullum.

The American Legion Department of Indiana says Johnson is not a member, but the post was open to the general public that night. They are now conducting their own internal investigation into any previous history of violence. In a statement sent on Monday, the department said:

An American Legion post should always be a safe place and serve as a pillar for the local community. Violence, of any type, has no place within the American Legion.

The Indiana State Excise Police, which controls liquor licensing, tells us they have also opened an investigation.

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke says he is disappointed to learn of the shooting.

“It’s very disappointing. It’s disappointing that there are people out there who are determined to bring violence to any part of our city," said Mayor Winnecke.

This shooting makes three violent crimes near the American Legion on Chestnut in 10 years.

The EPD crime map shows an armed robbery in 2013 and a murder in 2017. Some people living nearby are now on edge.

Neighbors that 14 News spoke to say it was a very scary situation.

They say that the neighborhood is usually quiet, but now with this shooting, one person is looking to move.

“Nervous. Very Nervous,” said a resident nearby who wanted to remain anonymous.

This person lives near the American Legion, and she says the gunfire early Sunday morning woke her up.

“They’ve been doing pretty good over there,” the person said. “This is the first time something this summer had happened. And, you know, that was pretty bad.”

This person showed us her bedroom, where she has stuffed animals propped up against the walls. She tells us she does this in case bullets were to come through her wall.

“Bullets don’t have no eyes,” this person said. “You know, That’s why I keep my bed like it is. So if a bullet come, hopefully not, I hope and pray that they don’t, that those things I got up there, will block it.”

The person also said she has been talking to her neighbors and says they’re all nervous as well.

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