Developers have last chance to save Gabe’s Tower

Developers have one last chance to save Gabe's Tower

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - Owensboro city officials want to try one last avenue before starting the demolition of Gabe’s Tower.

The city took possession of the building last month from Bob Zimmerman. He’s owned it for a few years, but it’s been empty for more than a decade.

City officials say they'd like to see a developer remodel the building. They're accepting design proposals for a month, but say they think it's going to be a tough sale.

Assistant City Manager Lelan Hancock says there are quite a few challenges with the building because of it’s age, condition, design and lack of parking.

He says depending on the offer from developers, the city may be able to provide incentives.

“It’s within our Triplett Twist area. So it’s one of those areas that’s been redeveloped over the last few years and had quite a bit of private investment going in there. So we’re hoping that potentially something could exist from that, but if it doesn’t then we’ll ultimately move forward with the next step," said Hancock.

City officials say that if they don’t hear back from a developer by November 7, the city will go forward with the demolition process.

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