City At-Large candidates speak at Evansville Rotary Club

City At-Large candidates speak at Evansville Rotary Club

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - As early voting begins in some places around the Tri-State, five out of six City Council At-Large candidates spoke in front of the Evansville Rotary Club.

Candidates talked about a wide range of issues, highlighting topics they’re running on.

But one thing was clear. The candidates shared their willingness to work across party lines.

When asked about the Mayors programs, current Council Member Jonathon Weaver said there are some things they disagree on, but he says they worked across party lines and gotten the job done.

One city voter who was at the club meeting today tells 14 News says it’s great to see cooperation by all.

“I like to say the community of Evansville is like a race car,” says You can push the race car forward maybe some people think we need a new driver. A new driver for a ward council seat, or a new driver for an at large seat. But we want the Evansville race car to win. And you can support the community and disagree on policy issues in a constructive way, and I think we saw that here today."

The only candidate not here was Republican Candidate David Christmas. We were told he had another obligation he couldn’t miss.

Early voting continues today, with Election Day coming up on November 5.

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