Madisonville named ‘best city government of the year’

Madisonville named 'best city government of the year'

MADISONVILLE, Ky. (WFIE) - Madisonville is being recognized as “best city government of the year” by the Kentucky League of Cities.

Mayor Kevin Cotton says he received a call last week notifying him of the award.

He says the city was picked out of 422 cities in the Commonwealth.

Mayor Cotton says they were chosen because of several projects completed this year, including all inclusive playgrounds, their recognition of local veterans, and the introduction of Friday night live.

He says he thinks this award will bring more opportunities to Madisonville.

"It’s definitely going to be able to allow us to market what we’re doing here in the city, attract new families here, to attract new housing developments here, and to boost our economic development in the community. So. yeah. Absolutely I think it’s gonna be huge for the city of Madisonville,” said Mayor Cotton.

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