Headstone moved at Rosehill & Elmwood Cemetery in Owensboro

Headstone moved in Owensboro cemetery

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - Two years ago, Jerri Ramirez buried her parents at Rosehill and Elmwood Cemetery, but during a recent visit, Ramirez said she noticed something.

“I instantly knew once we got in front of it that something didn’t look right," Ramirez said.

Her parent’s headstone was not in the spot she remembered.

“So once I got up here, I could tell that my parent’s headstone had been removed completely off of the top of their plot,” Ramirez said.

Ramirez said someone moved the headstones but never asked her permission to do so.

“They did not contact me at all. I think they were just hoping that I wouldn’t visit as soon as I did and wouldn’t notice that it had been moved," Ramirez said.

Right away, she said she reached out to the cemetery, who put the headstone back. A spokesperson for the cemetery told us it never should have been moved.

“They were just trying to go throughout the garden to line up markers and that cause, sometimes if you look down, you can see how they’re kind of zig-zag through the garden and I think that’s what their intention was," said Rosehill & Elmwood Cemetary spokesperson, Rita Augenstein.

With the headstone back, Ramirez said there’s a new problem. Someone else’s headstone sits at the end of her parent’s plot.

“Why would you sell this plot if you knew it was out of line? Did you need my parent’s money that bad that you just sold them this plot and you were just gonna do whatever you wanted with them after you thought no one cared anymore," Ramirez said.

Now Ramirez says she’ll keep working to get her parents plot is back to the way it was when they were buried.

“The last thing I expected when my parents died, once they were put into their final resting place, the last thing I ever expected was that I would have to deal with something like this," Ramirez said.

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