Community comes out to celebrate Boonville’s renovated town square

Boonville celebrates square renovation

BOONVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - After a year-long project, Boonville’s town square renovation is finally complete.

Construction in the Boonville square may have begun just over a year ago, but Mayor Charlie Wyatt said it was a vision long before that.

“Four years ago we decided this is what we were going to do, we were going to make an impact for the city of Boonville," Mayor Wyatt said. "We were going to try to advance it and where else to start than the very heart of the city.”

Now the square has new sidewalks, new lighting and additional parking, and local business owners like Mark Mayer say they’re thrilled about it.

“The finished product we have on the square right now, it’s better than we could have ever anticipated," Mayer said. "The traffic flow, in my opinion, is better and safer than it’s been in a long time.”

Mayer said the new square is making it easier for customers.

“I hear it four or five times a week... ‘We love the parking, we love what’s happening on the square.’ People that have never been to Boonville come and say, ‘this is the best little kept secret we’ve ever seen,'” Mayer said.

That is the impression Mayor Wyatt wants visitors to have when they spend time on the square, and he hopes that the completion of the project sparks an era of growth around the city.

“There’s a pride here in the city of Boonville," Mayor Wyatt said. “We want to expand, we want to grow and we’re proud of what we’ve done. We’re proud of our city’s heritage.”

There was certainly a sense of community pride at Boonville’s square Friday. It was a $2.6 million project that the Mayor believes was well spent.

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