‘America’ riverboat stops by Henderson

‘America’ riverboat stopping in Henderson Friday and Wednesday

HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - Officials with the city of Henderson said the riverboat America arrived on Friday at the Henderson Riverfront.

The America Cruise Line owns the ship which was carrying 185 guests. Those guests had a few hours to get off the ship and explore downtown Henderson.

The riverboat’s next stop is Louisville, but before it left, many people from around the community came out to take a look at the cruise ship.

“Well when we pulled in the parking lot, we were really surprised to see this," said Jimmy Baxter, a visitor. "It’s really exciting for us cause we really don’t get this close to one. And we’ve thought about taking trips on them, but we haven’t done that. But this is really cool.”

The ship captain said the riverboat will be coming back through Henderson on Tuesday while on it’s on its way back to St. Louis.

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