Sen. Rand Paul talks war, impeachment inquiry during stop in Henderson

Sen. Rand Paul talks impeachment inquiry, coal during KY stop

HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - As Kurt Volker testifies in Washington D.C. in the impeachment inquiry, Senator Rand Paul spoke to the Henderson Rotary Club on several issues.

A big part of that speech had to do with the war in the Middle East. Senator Paul says the United States should declare victory.

“I’ve got 3 nephews who serve in the military, and yet, I don’t even know what the mission is anymore,” says Senator Paul during his speech. “We’ve been there for 18 years, it’s extraordinarily expensive.”

After the speech, the Senator talked about the upcoming legislative session, highlighting a trade treaty between the US, Mexico, and Canada.

“I think farmers really want it, I’m supportive of it, the president has negotiated it. It’s on Nancy Pelosi’s desk,” says Senator Paul. “The real question is: can we get beyond some of this impeachment stuff.”

The impeachment inquiry is playing out now on capitol hill after a whistleblower brought allegations the President asked foreign leaders to investigate Joe Biden and his son. On Thursday, Senator Paul tells 14 News he thinks the whistleblower should come forward.

“Something so important of impeaching or trying to bring down a president, shouldn’t be anonymous,” says Senator Paul. “If you’re accused of something here in Henderson, you go to trial. They’re not going to convict you on an anonymous person who said somebody told them that you did something. There’s always a direct eyewitness, and you get to confront your accuser.”

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