EFD firefighters teaching kids about fire prevention

EFD firefighters teach kids about fire prevention

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Members of the Evansville Fire Department are out and about educating kids about fire prevention.

The week of October 7 is National Fire Prevention Week.

EFD Fire Life Safety Educator Kevin Shelley is making his rounds to schools in Evansville throughout October to talk to students about what they can do to stay safe in the event of a fire.

“I think if we can teach one kid how to set up this plan, to talk to his family about it and be able to have this plan and be able to get out the house safely and make sure everyone’s out of the house safely, when the fire department arrives it makes it so much easier on us,” Shelley said.

Evansville Fire Marshall Mike Doran says teaching students what to do when there is a fire is vital, but teaching them how to stop fires from starting is equally as important.

“If the fire truck lights up a lot of times it’s too late, somebody already got hurt," Doran said. “We want people to prevent accidents and not even need the...protection part of the fire department.”

“Prevention is the easiest way to save a life," Shelley added. “If we can prevent the fire before it ever happens, we’re saving lives.” ”We never say it’s just this month because fire prevention is important all year round,” said Shelley.

According to Shelley, October provides the perfect opportunity to teach lessons that are important all year long.

"We never say it’s just this month because fire prevention is important all year round,” said Shelley. “You have Christmas coming up, you have the holidays coming up. Thanksgiving is actually the biggest day of the year for fires; most fires start in the kitchen. And so there’s a big push there and so we’re able to get that message out and make sure that families are safe and make sure that they have an understanding.”

Shelley says that he’s already spoken to over 14,000 students and will keep talking to schools just about every day through October.

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