Church raising money for youth group during annual US-60 yard sale

Church raising money for youth group during annual US-60 yard sale

HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - For most folks, a yard sale is an easy way to get rid of clutter around the house. But others cash-in by selling donated items, including one church organization.

The money they raise from sales helps their youth group.

Henderson’s Chapel Hill United Methodist youth group started pulling out the possessions they plan to turn into profit Wednesday evening.

“Every single penny goes to the youth and the children of the church," states Robin Trimble, with Chapel Hill. "My heart is with these kids and I want them to be able to do things, to go on mission trips.”

The church, which also rents out portions of its parking lot and building during the event will start the fundraiser early Friday and continue Saturday.

They are only one-stop on nearly 200 miles of sales along US-60 filled with shopping, snacking and sightseeing.

A little sweat is possible for those who start on Thursday as summer-like temps hang on for another day.

“A couple times it has rained before, but this is definitely the hottest I’ve ever seen it,” says Christa Duke, with Chapel Hill.

A break from the heat will come over the weekend as temperatures drop.

Most locations are open dawn to dusk. Though days and hours may differ, you can always bet on a bargain.

“A lot of times we don’t price anything," explains Trimble. "You ask ‘how much,’ we ask ‘how much will you give us for it.’ And they always say more than what we would’ve asked for in the first place.”

We also want to remind drivers to slow down and watch for extra traffic along Highway 60 the next couple of days. A lot of times these shoppers will pull off the side of the road and crossroads to get from one lot to the next.

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