Henderson Planning Commission working to establish solar zoning ordinance

Henderson Planning Commission working to establish solar zoning ordinance

HENDERSON CO., Ky. (WFIE) - Solar energy companies could be looking to set up shop in Henderson County. However, the area plan commission is going to set some guidelines first.

Planning Commission Executive Director Brian Bishop said several companies have been looking to come to the county.

During a Fiscal Court meeting on October 1, they originated a “zoning text ordinance." This gets the ball rolling on not only regulating commercial solar farms but residential solar panels as well.

“... Because solar farms are becoming very prevalent. It’s something that is going to become very important to the generation of electricity,” Bishop said. “So its a way to make sure that we maximize the property value of the owners’ property and protect the neighbors in the same scenario.”

The Judge-Executive said these companies are looking at rural areas.

“We’re trying to get ahead of this development as much as we can because apparently the solar companies are headed our way,” Judge Schneider said. “And this something that is going to be an on-going trend not only for Henderson County, the but the entire tri-state region.”

Judge Schneider also said there is the potential to have bonds for companies like this, saying with every big industry, there is the potential for abandoned structures.

“The bond helps protect both the county and a private landowner who might also receive a bond, to have the money to clean it up and put it back to its original state,” Judge Schneider said.

The City of Henderson will also need to approve of this ordinance. We should know if that happens by the end of the year.

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