Burn bans in place as Tri-State deals with hot, dry weather

Burn bans in place as Tri-State deals with hot, dry weather

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - It’s days like this the Evansville Fire Department is warning the community about.

EFD says when it is hot, dry and a little windy outside is when disaster could be right around the corner.

“Dry leaves just blowing around in a pile, somebody throws a cigarette out there window into that pile of leaves, a little bit of a breeze and that’s kind of a perfect storm,” said Division Chief Mike Larson.

Counties all over the Tri-State are declaring burn bans. These bans restrict the community from open burning, which could lead to larger fires due to the dry weather.

But, it’s not just brush fires that could create bigger and more dangerous problems. According to fire officials, one small spark could lead to something you don’t expect.

Just a few days ago EFD says one man was burning a small fire in his back yard when things got out of hand.

“A little bit bigger than what maybe it should have wind blew and kind of stirred up those ashes and embers,” said Chief Larson.

That fire was quickly put out and EFD says the damage was contained to one yard, but some aren’t so lucky.

“I think most people, unfortunately, have the thought that well it’s not that bad it’s not gonna happen to me,” said Chief Larson.

If you start a fire during a burn ban you could be looking at a fine up to $75,000 in Indiana and possibly a misdemeanor charge in Kentucky.

“This is just really not the time to do it because you may get rid of more than just a few sticks and a few leaves if the right conditions happen while you’re doing it especially during a burn ban,” said Chief Larson.

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