Purple Aces basketball first practice

Purple Aces basketball first practice
Purple Aces basketball first practice.

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Saturday was Aces mens basketball team’s first day of practice.

The Aces hit the court Saturday morning with a plethora of now eligible players ready to make a name for themselves and make an impact on the program.

Sam Cunliffe, Artur Labinowicz, DeAndre Williams and Peace Llegomah all had to sit out last season, but they’ll all now join the fray along with freshman newcomers, Thomasi Gilgeous-Alexander and Marcus Henderson. Of course, guys like KJ Riley, John Hall and Noah Frederking are back too.

If the three-game exhibition in Europe is any indication, there will be a lot too look forward to this season.

“I think they’re a little bit nervous of what we have planned today," said Head Coach Walter McCarty. "But we’re gonna get after it. We have expectations to fill and they’re excited to be in the gym and start the season.”

“Everybody makes a big deal out of the first day of practice," said Marcus Henderson, Aces freshman guard. "There’s a lot more energy, just everybody gets into it, everybody’s gonna go harder. Every day we’re excited, we’re excited to get better, we’re excited for the season to start and we’re looking forward to the first game against USI.”

UE’s season starts one month from Saturday. The Aces will host USI in an exhibition at 6 p.m.

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