Man accused in Owensboro beating death makes court appearance

Man accused in Owensboro beating death makes court appearance

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - An Owensboro man made his first court appearance Friday since the death of a man police say he beat.

Brian Bailey, 51, is accused of tying up and beating 76-year old Eugene Evans in his home earlier this month. Evans died from his injuries last week.

Bailey was in court on charges of kidnapping and first degree assault.

The Commonwealth’s Attorney said charges are going to be added now that Evans has died.

In the hearing, an OPD detective says it appears Evans was beaten on the head with a typewriter.

The detective said the two men used to be neighbors, and when Bailey lost his house a few years ago, Evans allowed him to live with him.

They say Evans kicked Bailey out after four months, but the men were still in contact.

The detective said the victim accused Bailey of selling one of his guns to buy marijuana, and that’s when they believe Bailey became violent.

According to the medical examiner, Evans died by trauma to the head and had several brain bleeds.

“The victim was never conscious. He went to the hospital, had severe trauma to his head, had brain bleeds," said the detective in court.

“Has he recovered,” asked the judge.

“No, he died about seven to eight days later,” replied the detective.

"Oh he really did die? Holy moly... so this charge is going to be amended,” said the judge.

Bailey’s bond has been increased from $100,000 to $500,000.

Brian Bailey
Brian Bailey (Source: Daviess Co. Jail)

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