6th annual NICU reunion at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital

6th annual NICU reunion at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital

OWENSBORO, KY. (WFIE) - The sixth annual NICU reunion was in full swing Sunday as more than a thousand people took over the Owensboro Health Regional Hospital.

“It brings back a lot of memories. She was unexpected to go to the NICU,” said Michael Nance.

The Nance family spent a week here in the NICU with their daughter Isabella.

“We fell in love with all of the nurses, the doctors, and the nurse practitioners,” said Bridgett Nance.

Their ties to the NICU don’t stop with Isabella.

“We have a set of twins in the NICU, a little boy, and a little girl," said Bridgett. "We currently went to Louisville because they thought there were some health issues, and we begged to come back to Owensboro because it’s more like family here”.

Their story is like many others who’ve come back to see the medical staff that has changed their lives.

“We love the opportunity to see how they’ve done and come back and show us how big they’ve gotten,” said NICU medical director Dr. Bridget Burshears.

Every year the NICU reunion gets bigger and bigger, and every day more NICU grads are added to the bunch.

“We try our best to help these families through these tough times,” said Dr. Burshears. “Some of our families spend days even weeks with us, so we get to know them very well”.

Sunday, the Nance family walked around with their NICU grad Isabella, but next year, they hope to be back with two more grads in their hands.

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