E-mails between Chief Bolin, FOP President released

E-mails between Chief Bolin and FOP President released

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - After holding a no-confidence vote for Evansville Chief Billy Bolin, the Fraternal Order of Police President said in a news conference that “nasty emails” was the tipping point to call for the vote.

14 News put in a FOIA request and received the emails, and after reading the correspondence, FOP President DJ Thompson became upset after what he believed was a private conversation, was sent to the whole police department by Bolin.

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The emails go back to late July.

In an email, Chief Bolin asked the prosecutor about an incident in New York where dozens of citizens doused officers with water. Bolin said he wanted to know the potential charges if it happened in Evansville.

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Bolin forwarded the email to the department and received a personal response from Thompson. Thompson said officers didn’t feel Bolin would stand up for them if the incident happened here.

Bolin responded to Thompson saying he backs his officers, and said, “you absolutely amaze me sometimes!” Bolin finished his email by saying, “you can take all the cheap shots you want from the FOP Podium, but you’re going to start acting like an Evansville Police Sergeant when you’re at work.”

The next day, Bolin sent a new message to the entire department, including the email Thompson sent, assuring officers he has they’re back.

Thompson replied, saying he trusted the message was between just the two of them. In that message, Thompson listed several issues he wanted to talk to Bolin about, offering to meet about it.

However, that meeting never happened. Both Bolin and Thompson blame the other for that meeting never happening.

“There was supposed to be a meeting between EPD, the mayor, and FOP and it never happened," Thompson said. "We were waiting for one, we were supposed to be contacted, and we were never contacted... still haven’t been contacted.”

“He [DJ Thompson] walked away from the table where his concerns were being heard and chose the path of public shaming," Sgt. Jason Cullum said.

14 News reached out to the Mayor who voiced his support to Bolin earlier this week. He stands by his support and has no further comment on the issue Friday.

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