Rathbone excited to bring local businesses into historic building

Rathbone excited to bring local businesses into historic building

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The ribbon was cut to the historic Rathbone building in May and since then property officials have kept their end of the promise by allowing their community spaces to thrive.

Interior construction on the Rathbone was complete 45 days ago. People are now moving into the apartment side of the building.

Currently, people can now rent out rooms via Air BNB.

Rathbone has also acquired its liquor license and is hosting corporate events on the commercial side of the building. They tell us it’s exciting to be bringing local businesses into such a historic building.

“We just got our liquor license here, which is a hotel, motel license, so we’re excited that we can actually be able to serve and have chefs come online and have something really nice and unique here at the Rathbone," explained General Partner Rathbone Shannon Huffer. "And start bringing the community back in which we wanted to do, it just took us a little while because this is a beautiful old building and beautiful old buildings take work.”

The Rathbone plans to host exciting events for Halloween and Thanksgiving. They also tell us they are giving below-market rents to help launch local businesses.

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