Drug, alcohol recovery center for women opens in Owensboro

Drug, alcohol recovery center for woman opens in Owensboro

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - A new center opened to help women recover from drug and alcohol addiction is now open.

After more than five years, Sandy’s House by Lighthouse recovery is finally standing tall.

“It’s almost surreal because it had taken a while to pull all the funds together, but it is a great day actually and it’s Sandy’s day,” explained Lighthouse Recovery Chairman Barry Johnston.

Officials with Lighthouse Recovery say they felt there was a need for women to get help with drug and alcohol recovery in Owensboro. They hope the new home in the

“It was almost like the women were being overlooked the entire time and that was a problem too," said Johnston. "You have to think about this too, these women aren’t just everyday people. They’re your mothers, they’re your sisters, they’re your daughters. And they need help too.”

Five women are already living in the home and the home can hold up to eight people.

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