Owensboro moving along with Northwest neighborhood revitalization

Owensboro moving along with Northwest neighborhood revitalization

Owensboro, Ky. (WFIE) - The northwest side between Ewing road and Walnut Street will be the city’s next big revitalization area, and after the first public meeting on the project, there’s new information on the changes.

It’s clear that several homes in the northwest side of Owenboro need a little TLC. That’s why the city has made the area it’s next neighborhood for revitalization, but the city wants to hear from residents before the project gets started.

“Getting to know the actual residents that live there so they can tell the story and say okay, I’ve been living here for 20 years and I have the dilapidated home across the street, no one’s done anything with it," Abby Shelton the city’s director of community development said. "Can you help?”

After several residents in the area took surveys, many of them said their neighbors homes were in just “fair condition.”

“The bottom line is neighborhood pride," Shelton said. "Beautification is number one, and when you see it happen, then private residents are more apt to follow suit.”

The HUD money in the neighborhood will be used to spruce up the homes. Between that and private investments, the hope is to raise the property value in the area by $2 million.

“You have people that have been there a long time so they’re roots are very deep, and they’re very passionate about seeing their neighborhood revitalized," Shelton said.

Shelton, who over saw the last few years of the Triplett Twist, is now looking forward to making this project all her own, giving community members a chance to own a home they’re proud of.

“To be involved in something this big no one could ask for anything better," she said.

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