Mickey’s Kingdom to receive upgrades over cold months

Mickey’s Kingdom to receive upgrades over cold months

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) -More than 100,000 people have walked through the pillars into Mickey’s Kingdom.

The park has exceeded the cities expectations and the future for it is bright.

The parks department is looking ahead to next year, adding some new features to beat the heat.

“Some potential canopy type structures for a little more shade and protection” said Parks and Recreation Executive Director Brian Holtz.

There are also plans to help with park security.

“Increase the number of security cameras on site, and we’re also going to increase the lighting we have within the playground” said Holtz.

Though fall is almost here, you can expect kids will still be out enjoying the benefits of this outdoor kingdom.

“It’s not just one little age group. You don’t have to just stand away we can actually interact and play with kids here” said parent Elizabeth Mitchell.

Officials from the Parks Department tell us winter is the best time to make improvements to their parks.

Department officials say they don’t have plans to open another park anytime soon, but do plan to take care of this one for years to come.

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