Car crashed into home on Lincoln Ave.

Resident says he was sleeping in next room when it happened

Homeowners explain moment car ran into home

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - A car crashed into a home in Evansville.

According to dispatch, the call came in around 9:30 Sunday night to a home on the corner of Lincoln Avenue and Bonnie View Drive.

Police say the driver had a seizure while driving. They also say this may have been what caused the car to go off of the road.

The driver and the passenger were taken to St. Vincent Hospital in Evansville.

“I didn’t know what to think, I really didn’t,” says Blaine Brown, the homeowner.

Brown and his wife were home when this all happened. He says they’ve put a lot of money into making the house theirs.

“We did all the outside work here, you know, fencing..." says Brown. "We were really happy with it when we bought it, but now since this has happened I don’t know whats going to happen, I just don’t know.”

The owner says he was sleeping in the room next to the living room.

“If the guy would have been 2 foot more toward the house, it would have... it would have hit me in bed,” says Brown. "I guess I’m lucky to be here right now. "

Brown had people helping pick up the damage today. For that, Brown says he is grateful.

“He was saying last night we can get this going today, and I told him get it going,” says Brown. “And now, its just dealing with the insurance company. That’s something I’m not looking forward to.”

Hospital officials didn’t have a listing for the passenger of the car. As for the driver, hospital officials weren’t able to provide a condition, but they tell us they are stable.

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