Princeton parks hit by vandals

Princeton parks hit by vandals

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - City officials in Princeton say vandalism is taking place at parks throughout the city.

They said damages costing up to $1,500, are racking up. Princeton Parks Superintendent Brent Denbo says the vandalism has been an ongoing problem for years.

“Between two doors and door jams, a new toilet, a new sink, a new paper towel dispenser, a new soap dispenser. We’re looking at at least 15 hundred dollars if not two thousand dollars in damage," said Princeton Parks Superintendent, Brent Denbo.

The superintendent says the vandalism happens in waves but that all six of the cities parks have been intentionally damaged at one point or another.

“A lot of people always say put up cameras. Well you can’t put up cameras in bathrooms and there’s so much activity in and out of bathrooms that you can’t always pinpoint who the culprit is," said Denbo.

The parks superintendent told 14 News, every time vandalism takes place, the city is required to pay a thousand dollar insurance deductible.

“We’re paying for people tearing up our stuff. Quit tearing it up, cause it eventually will fall back on like you said, us taxpayers. And you know we want things to stay nice," said Princeton resident, Jonita Greene.

Superintendent Denbo says shattered windows, plumbing damage, damage to playground equipment, and sign damage are just a few instances.

The Park's and Recreation Department and police department are working together to increase nightly patrol at the parks.

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