Henderson Animal Shelter reopened after parvo outbreak

Henderson Animal Shelter reopened after parvo outbreak

HENDERSON, kY. (WFIE) - After a parvo outbreak, the Henderson Animal Shelter reopened Friday.

They have been closed several weeks since the outbreak.

The shelter’s director says dogs at the shelter have been in their kennels while they cleaned the facility.

The operations manager said a few dogs had to be euthanized due to the disease.

She told us it’s never easy when shelters contract parvo.

“It’s been pretty intense," said Debbie Edwards, operations manager. "A lot of mask-wearing with all the bleach cleaning. Sometimes you can do more harm than good if you use too much bleach, so we’ve tried to make that balance that. Everybody has been cleaning nonstop top to bottom every single day.”

After the weeks-long closure, we’ve learned the shelter is still full.

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