Local vape shop preps for possible flavor ban

Local vape shop preps for possible flavor ban

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - A local vape shop and its customers are reacting to the possibility of a ban on certain flavors.

Vapor Bank says they have worked for years to transition people from smoking cigarettes to e-cigs. They say a flavor ban would potentially shut them down altogether as their flavors are what draw most customers to their stores.

Flavor is important to a lot of e-cigarette users like Brittany Holder. She’s been coming to the Vapor Bank ever since it opened in 2012.

The flavors are what keep her coming back.

“The flavored one I do is Mango Down, I do pear, I got a new banana one,” Holder explained.

A new push by the Trump administration could soon remove most of the products from the shelves at the Vapor Bank, something business owner John McCullough is very worried about.

“We’ll probably end up closing," said McCullough. "We may be able to keep one store open but we can’t keep all nine of them and we certainly won’t be able to continue to employ the 45 people that work here right now.”

Since opening, McCullough said it’s helped many former smokers quit and when they quit they want tobacco flavored vape until taste starts to come back.

"One month or two months in, everybody switches to something fruity or tasty because we targeted the beginning smoker with that trying to get them off of it but a month in it tastes like you’re licking an ashtray,” McCullough added.

McCullough advocates for the products he sells and is worried there’s some confusion about the safety of e-cigarettes.

“I believe all of the information is pointing towards black market illegal THC cartridges as being the cause of the lung illness as well as the tragic deaths,” said McCullough.

Vapor Bank is fighting this ban going into effect.

They have a sign both in-store and on their door stating: “Call to action. The Trump administration intends to ban all flavored vaping products. Today is the day to act. Light up the switchboard in DC and let them know how this will impact you. DC Comment Line: 202-456-1111.”

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