Pair of water towers nearing completion

Pair of water towers nearing completion in Dubois Co.

DUBOIS CO., Ind. (WFIE) - Construction on two water towers in Holland and Stendal are nearing the goal line.

Officials in Holland say their water tower, and the one in Stendal, needed repairs badly which led to a rate increase in the area.

“We’re just really elated over the whole project, the overall project," said Holland Town Manager Tom Thacker.

Storing water is a concern in Holland and Stendal. Aging water towers are starting to hurt the community, more than help, and replacing them could have upped water prices by nearly 40%.

“I mean we’ve looked at this for years trying to figure out how we can do something for the Stendal Tower, that was really in bad shape, and as well doing something at Holland Tower before it got any worse,” said Thacker.

In the summer of 2018, officials began applying for grant money to redo the towers, and they got a very big response, roughly $900,000 in grants.

“Right now we’re about 80% complete with the total project," said Thacker. The project consists of demolishing the Stendal tower and replacing it with a brand new water tower, and then making necessary repair to the Holland water tower.

“In Stendal the tower has been constructed and painted. It’s ready to go," said Thacker. "This one’s [Holland water tower] running somewhat behind schedule with all the rain we’ve been getting, they just can’t be out here sandblasting and painting, but we’re still hoping to have that online early in October.”

According to Thacker, the proposed rate increase hasn’t caused the problems it could have, thanks to community support.

“The rate increase really didn’t amount to all that much, but of course anytime you have a rate increase it’s a rate increase, but it wasn’t that substantial with all the grant money we got that’s coming our way," Thacker said. "I can’t recall for sure, but I think we got in something like 40 letters of support from the people that supported the project and I mean that’s huge. Whenever the funding agencies look at how the community supports our project that really spoke highly.”

Thacker says both projects should be finished by the start of 2020.

The Holland tower is expected to be by the end of October, while the Stendal tower still needs to have the piping completed inside the tower. Thacker expects that to be finished by January.

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