New inclusive playground allows Foust students to play together

New inclusive playground allows Foust students to play together

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - A playground, more than five years in the making has finally come to life. Foust Elementary successfully raised enough money to build a new inclusive playground.

The sounds of all the Foust Elementary’s students playing on one playground has been a dream for many teachers and staff here for a long time.

“I had a student when I taught kindergarten who was able to tell us how she disliked the playground we had before because she couldn’t play with her peers," Adrianne Condray, a third-grade teacher at the school, said. "That really sparked me to take notice.”

That's because the old playground's play-surface didn't allow for student's with disabilities to join in on the fun.

“The goal number one was the surface, that all kids could access even those with mobility issues and on wheelchairs because our previous playground had rocks," Jamie Holeman, a special education teacher, said.

The new surface also allowed Holeman, who has difficulty walking, get on the playground.

“I would have to prepare my students at the beginning of the year if Miss Holeman falls or something happens this is our plan," she said.

Thanks to an Impact 100 Grant and other donations from the community, a brand new playground with a new smooth surface allows kids of all abilities to play together.

“It’s cool because the special needs kids, they usually couldn’t play on that playground but now this one is really cool because they can play and do stuff on it," Brittany Goatee, a fifth-grade student, said.

“They’re just another kid," Condray said. "They just get to come out and enjoy the playground just like any of their peers would without all those obstacles in the way.”

It allows Miss Holeman to join in too.

“I had no worries about walking around or no worries about the students that were out here and their safety," Holeman said. "Because I was able to be mobile around the entire playground myself.”

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