CNA program started at Princeton Community High School

CNA program started at Princeton Community High School

PRINCETON, Ind. (WFIE) - Princeton Community High School is giving students the opportunity to be better prepared once they graduate. The school now has a Certified Nursing Assistant certification program.

The new C-N-A certification program is putting some students on their chosen path to success.

“CNA certification is something that our students have always been interested in doing," said Amy Stough, principal at Princeton Community High School. “Even if they’re not going to go to college per se. They may want to take some classes at Ivy Tech to get the CNA certification. So we thought if we could offer it here at the high school it would give them a step up."

School officials said they want to give students the opportunity to prepare for the CNA exam or get a head start on a college nursing program at no cost.

“Those are less classes that they have to pay for when they go to college because they get them for free here at the high school level," Stough said. “And then they can just go into upper-level courses into college versus taking the intro level that they’re getting done here at the high school.”

Eight students, a mixture of juniors and seniors, take part in the program. They have the option to take anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and principles of biomedical science.

Students will finish out the year doing clinicals at a local nursing home and then take the CNA exam before the end of the school year.

The school says they hope to continue building the program so more students can take part. The school will also be working to add more nursing based college courses.

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