The Bridges Golf Course attracting new homes, facilities since being open

The Bridges Golf Course attracting new homes, facilities since being open

HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - The Bridges Golf Course has been open for more than a month now.

Managers say it’s been a great first month for the course. Not only that but some who live in the neighborhood tell me they’re so glad a golf course is back.

The Bridges General Manager Kevin Doane tells me they’ve had 2,500 rounds of golf since they’ve been open.

The course is now bringing new development to the area.

“Surveyors have been up here. They’ve been surveying all of the property around getting the lots ready,” Doane said. “It’s definitely triggered by the golf course being back open,” Doane said. “And I’m sure it makes everybody that lives around the property feel a lot more stable with their property values.”

City Commissioner Patti Bugg, who lives in the neighborhood, said new homes are being built right now, and property values are increasing.

“We have probably 600 residents in this area now and it’s just a really nice asset to have for the city,” Bugg explained.

The golf course is attracting new facilities as well. Recently, Henderson resident Jessica Beaven said she filed to re-zone the land to bring a new assisted living facility. She told 14 News she chose the location because of the course.

“The golf course is beautiful,” Beaven said. “It’s a great way to incorporate active lifestyles in a senior living community. Also, have the benefit, we’re looking into actually having a path to where those in the community could actually come every day and have a golf cart access.”

If things work out with the city, Beaven wants to open the facility within the next year and a half.

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