Barrett Makes Triumphant Return to the Bigs

Barrett Makes Triumphant Return to the Bigs

WASHINGTON, D.C.. (WFIE) - It’s been a long road back to major league baseball, but former Central Bears’ pitcher, Aaron Barrett, has done it. Barrett made his triumphant return to the mound, for the Washington Nationals, last night, after a four-year absence, from the big leagues.

After nervously walking the first batter, he settled in and got the next three batters out, including a strikeout, of Braves’ star, Ronald Acuna, and a flyout from Ozzie Albies.

After the inning, Barrett could not contain his emotions, breaking down in tears. Now Barrett first got injured in 2015, when he tore a ligament in his elbow.

After rehabbing from Tommy John surgery, he had barely started pitching again in 2016, when he broke his humerus bone, in his upper arm.

Since then, he’s been on a three-year road to recovery, learning how to pitch all over again. So needless to say, last night was a special moment.

Barrett said, “There were just times where I think we were just rehabbing to get my arm normal again. throwing a baseball wasn’t really part of the agenda, and then once I finally got past that, it was like ya know what, I’m gonna try to throw again and see what happens. There was a lot of up and downs, so there’s no doubt I definitely thought about giving up, but I just found it within myself to push through, and I started telling myself if here’s anyone that’s gonna do it it’s gonna be me. The Nationals have been unbelievable through this while process just being patient with me.”

The Nationals are the top team in the wild card race, so it’s possible, that Barrett, the Evansville native, could get a chance to pitch in the playoffs this season, if he keeps pitching well.

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