‘I don’t believe my mother is alive’: Missing Boonville woman’s family shares concerns after meeting with lead detective

‘I don’t believe my mother is alive’: Missing Boonville woman’s family shares concerns after meeting

BOONVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Concerns for mom. Conflicting stories. The family of a missing Boonville woman says her disappearance is suspicious.

Indiana State Police issued a silver alert for 72-year-old Donna Hatfield last Wednesday.

A few of Hatfield’s family members met with the lead detective in the case Thursday as they hold on to hope. One person not in that meeting was Hatfield’s son, the one she was living with.

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The family admits there has been some separation between them.

“I don’t believe my mother is alive,” Hatfield’s daughter, Raschel Arnold, said.

There have been no signs of 72-year-old Donna Hatfield in nearly three months.

“There is no evidence of bank transactions, phone records, or reaching out to anybody,” Hatfield’s brother, Thomas Coe, explained.

Hatfield’s family says she has Alzheimer’s and was living with her son in Boonville. The Chief told us last week that her son, Thomas Rainey, has not been very cooperative. Rainey told 14 News police searched his home and took his cell phone. He also said Hatfield was not home when we stopped by, but also said she’s not missing and that she is being cared for.

"That she left, somebody picked her up and she left with him is the story he (Rainey) is giving me,” Arnold recalled. “When I asked why he couldn’t just give me the information, he said ‘mom’s wishes were to be left alone.’ Later on, he proceeded to tell me he doesn’t know where she is.”

“She disappeared with her suitcase and a large sum of money,” Arnold says Rainey told her.

Our reporter asked if that sounds like their mom or something Hatfield would do?

“No,” Arnold answered. “She is physically able to walk, but at that time, my brother, the last two times I talked to him in March and May, he thought it was time to put her in a nursing home. She wasn’t eating very well.”

Arnold, who now lives in Tennessee, says she spent more than four hours with Rainey on Thursday.

“He talked about caring about my mom and how much he loved her,” Arnold shared. “And didn’t want to see her suffer. He was emotional about that. He kept saying ‘I took care of her for four-and-a half years’ and it just got to the point where she was sitting around and she wasn’t doing anything.”

Donna Hatfield is about 5’4″ and weighs 125 pounds. She has greyish-brown hair and hazel eyes.

14 News reached out to the detective but was told he was not working Friday.

“I believe he knows what has happened to my mom,” Arnold added. “I believe that. He lived with her. He took care of her. He was very protective of her. He wouldn’t let her wander off or just leave with anyone.”

Boonville police continue to investigate this as a missing persons case.

If you have any information, give them a call at 812-897-6542

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