Evansville woman’s symbol of hope takes flight

Evansville woman’s symbol of hope take flight

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Earlier this summer, 14 News brought you the story of Robin Lawrence, an woman battling cancer.

Radioactive beads injected directly into her liver slowed the progress of the tumors there, buying doctors precious time to treat her primary anal-rectal tumors.

The Monarch butterfly became Lawrence’s symbol of hope. She planted lots of milkweed to attract the endangered insect.

Since we last saw her, the Monarchs showed up and laid eggs.

Lawrence took them inside and nursed them through the caterpillar and chrysalis stages. Then on Thursday, with the help of what she calls her “vibe tribe,” she released six baby butterflies.

“Amazing, I feel like it’s something spiritual," said Lawrence. "It has helped me so much in my cancer journey to realize, to slow down, to just enjoy each moment and just to take it all in. It’s such a beautiful thing. You know life is so beautiful. We just don’t slow down and appreciate it as much as we should.”

Lawrence says in addition to her primary anal-rectal tumors, which have spread to her liver, she now has spots on her lungs.

But on Friday, a milestone. She’ll get the lat of 20 radiation treatments.

She will recover and plot the next strategy in her war on cancer. In the meantime, “reviving Robin” raises butterflies and celebrates life.

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