Union Co. schools hope to reduce teen vaping after student survey

Union Co. schools hope to reduce teen vaping after student survey

UNION CO., Ky. (WFIE) - School officials have released new statistics in hopes of curbing teenage vaping.

Teen vaping has been in the spotlight a lot recently. Health officials, along with school officials, are taking an active approach to educating parents and keeping it out of schools.

“Our school district has always had a great concern for it because we knew the potential for harmful additives to be added to the vapes,” Union County Public Schools PR Coordinator Melinda Beauchamp explained.

Here in Union County, the school administration has recently amped up their education and awareness about e-cigarettes

Union County Public Schools posted hard facts about vaping in their schools. They say a survey taken by students showed 39 percent of Union County teens reported vaping in the last 30 days.

This is something that alarmed Union County schools, which is why they are working harder than ever to educate both parents and students.

“We have: hall monitors, we have teachers that know what to specifically look for, we brought in Kentucky State Police who did training with teachers over the summer and showed them the variety of devices that might be used,” explained Beauchamp.

“Then we also have kids who are picking up these products thinking that they’re just going to use them for awhile and not realizing that they’re going to be fully addicted and it’s going to be difficult to stop,” explained Rebecca Horn, the Health Educator III at Green River Health Department.

School officials want parents to be aware of the risk of addiction.

“The pods that you put in them are equivalent to a whole pack of cigarettes, which is a lot more nicotine than what they think of whenever they think of maybe them trying cigarettes when they were in high school,” Beauchamp added.

Now health officials are learning that the damaging side effects are far worse than they originally predicted.

“Respiratory effects, there has been reports of seizures, there’s been various reports of health effects,” said Horn.

It’s why schools urge you to talk to your teens about vaping.

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