New barges being built to help LST visitors stay safe

New barges being built to help LST visitors stay safe

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - With the LST moving down the river, a new set up is being constructed by a local manufacturer to make sure visitor’s can get on and off of the ship safely.

Yager Materials out of Owensboro is currently in the middle of building two custom barges to make for a long dock for visitor’s to enter the LST.

At Yager, the two barges are still being put together and welded. After that, they will be painted and launched onto the river to go on its way to Evansville.

Officials with Yager Meterials tell us they were glad to be awarded the project so that they could help partner with Evansville.

“Working with Evansville and Skanska and the team members there has been a real good experience so far," said General Manager of Yager Marine Jim Yager. "And we’re just looking forward to getting it launched and celebrating.”

The first barge is expected to be done in just a few weeks and will be launched and sent here as soon as it’s done. The second barge is expected to be done by the end of October.

Construction is continuing on the LST visitor’s center and the barges will stay docked on Riverside Drive across from the Tropicana.

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