City of Owensboro buys Gabe’s Tower

City of Owensboro buys Gabe’s Tower

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - Gabe’s Tower officially has new owners.

According to a brief press release from the City of Owensboro, they turned in the necessary documents to purchase the Triplett Street story.

Mayor Tom Watson said that’s the easy part.

“Now, we have a chance to do something with it," Mayor Watson said. "The question is what do you do with it?”

“We don’t know what the fate of Gabe’s will be, but we know something’s going to happen with it," Abby Shelton the Community Development Director said.

The tower is more than 50 years old. That means the city has to go through a special process to make sure the tower doesn’t qualify for historic preservation. If it does, that could hinder plans to demolish it.

“Do we want to give that property a fair opportunity? Absolutely," Shelton said. "We’re willing to do everything we can through the state’s eyes and the federal government’s eyes to make sure we give it the historic preservation consideration.”

“I have no desire to try and refurbish it," Mayor Watson said. "Anybody that says that has never been in it. So I would like to see it come down.”

The people in the area want to see Gabe’s Tower gone.

“It’s in such a state of disrepair that I feel terrible for the people on that street that have had to look at it every time they come home from work for years and years and years,” Mayor Watson said.

“It truly is an atrocity," Christopher Carrico, a neighbor to Gabe’s Tower, said. "I mean, I’m glad the city’s finally bought it and hopefully, I don’t care what they put in there. I don’t care what they build. I just want that down.”

The mayor said there are several ideas on the table. The front runner now is a new transportation hub to replace Gabe’s Tower.

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