Gibson Co. takes steps to stop vandalism of historic bridges

Gibson Co. takes steps to stop vandalism of historic bridges

GIBSON CO., Ind. (WFIE) - County officials are making security improvements to stop an ongoing problem with historical bridges being vandalized.

One community member, who volunteers to clean these structures up, says she thinks the people spray painting the bridges and kicking out the walls are teenagers.

“They put their names on the boards, on the walls," said Gibson County resident, Marilyn West. “And I have looked them up on Facebook and they are young. And vandalism is a crime. I mean I just want to stress that.”

Members of the community and commissioners have come up with a plan they say they hope will stop the vandalism.

“We’ve spent about the last six-months trying to figure out what to do about this," said Gibson County Commissioner, Steve Bottoms. "And finally we’ve came up with a hopefully a solution to put cameras and solar lighting on them to try to halt this vandalism.”

The funding for the cameras and lights will come from the counties covered bridge fund. The project is expected to cost $30,000.

Gibson County officials say they plan to have the cameras and lights installed by Fall.

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