80 employees losing jobs at Westech in Mt. Vernon

80 employees losing jobs at Westech in Mt. Vernon

POSEY CO., Ind. (WFIE) - It’s been one round of job losses right after another for the Tri-State in the last month.

169 jobs are now gone for employees at the Pennyrile mine. Another 200 are gone at Dotiki mine and now 81 more without jobs at Westech in Mt. Vernon.

According to a WARN notice, Westech is permanently closing their plant located in the 7400 block of SR 62.

In a statement Westech sent to 14 News, they say the closure is “a result of increased competition as well as dramatic changes in technology, which have made it difficult for Westech’s Mt. Vernon location fence and decking businesses to remain competitive.”

All separations are set to be done by November 21.

It’s not all bad news though, the market is looking good for this group.

“With a lot of our companies here, Sabic, AstraZeneca, Country Mark, to name just a few of our bigger ones, they’re always looking for people,” Jenna Alka, the Executive Director for the Posey County Economic Development Partnership said.

According to the Economic Development Coalition of Southwest Indiana, manufacturing jobs are in the highest demand for our area.

“It is our largest business sector, about $7.2 billion dollars a year, out of a $21 billion dollar GDP annually,” said Greg Wathen, the CEO of the Economic Development Coalition of Southwest Indiana.

The Economic Development Partnership in Posey County is working hard to make sure all 81 of the manufacturing employees at Westech land on their feet. Alka explained, “Work One, who we work with well, is making sure that that transition is going very smooth for everyone.”

The economic development coalition says the growth for the manufacturing industry will continue to go up as it’s the engine that drives our economy.

“You look at companies in the operations that they do at Berry Global, or you’re looking at guardian or you’re looking at anybody who’s in the plastic side of things, more than likely it’s a position that would transfer and translate pretty well into what they currently are doing,” said Wathen.

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