Friday After 5 season wraps up

Friday After 5 season wraps up

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - The last Friday After 5 of the year happened tonight on the riverfront.

Friday After 5 officials tell us this has been their busiest year for the event. They say it is really something that’s caught on over the years.

Up in Smoke is one of many food trucks that come out to Friday After 5 for 16 weekends in a row here in Owensboro, cooking up some of the best Barbecue around. Dan Todd, the owner of Up in Smoke said, “It seems like everybody comes out and enjoys this and there’s always people here and you get regular people, you see them here every week and you know that’s something kind of rare I think.”

Those officials tell us the community support for these local vendors and bands really encourages them for more Friday After 5 events for another 20 years.

“This is probably the largest of all of the street fairs that we’ve had over the years," Friday After 5 Board Member Kirk Kirkpatrick stated. "But as we’ve expanded now to so many different venues it really is, as I said, a mile of music from the River Park center through the Holiday Inn.”

So this will wrap up the 23rd season of Friday After 5, but not to worry because the best news is next year it will include one extra weekend to enjoy all of these vendors food and music for just a bit longer.

“As a special treat by that time next year, this bridge behind us will be lit," Kirkpatrick added. "And it will be really the opening of a whole new era for downtown I think it will be iconic.”

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